Tsathoggua : A work in progress


This is an unfinished drawing of Tsathoggua  I’m working on. If you don’t know who (or what, I guess) Tsathoggua is, then you need to leap out of your chair right now and go read The Whisperer in Darkness by H.P.Lovecraft.  Actually, you will get a better physical description from The Tale of Satampra Zeiros by Clark Ashton Smith, but I didn’t know that until I read Wikipedia’s entry on Tsathoggua. I have clearly taken some liberties with his described appearance. I guess the skulls on his belly are meant to represent the victims sacrificed to him, or, OR…I just thought it would be neat if his belly was made of skulls. COS SKULLS ARE RAD, YEAH! The tentacles on his head were suggested by a friend of mine. They kind of look like dreadlocks, which wasn’t my intention. They will hopefully look more tentacle-like when I am finished. I don’t usually start inking a drawing before I am finished penciling it. Not sure why I did with this one. I don’t like the drool, at least as it currently is, so I will have to fix that. Not sure how I feel about the ridges on the arm, either. Other than that I think it is coming along pretty well. The idea of a giant evil toad god is OVERWHELMINGLY AWESOME to me. Think I’ll join that religion. Pass out pamphlets.

Have you been eaten by our lord and savior, Tsothoggua ?


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