Doodle Time #1: Random Aliens

Doodle Time is going to be an ongoing series here at TurboLard. I draw constantly, and I fill up sketch books at an alarming rate. I don’t hate trees, I just love to draw. Anyway, some of my sketches have a good deal of appeal to them. They are not finished, fully rendered drawings by any means, but some of them do have a certain energy to them that can be very difficult to maintain when creating a more polished piece of art work. Anyway, enough yacking , let’s get started.

alien doodle1

I am a big fan of Sid and Marty Krofft, and I think that shows in some of my drawings. There  ideas and designs have such a funky, 1970’s charm. I…I even like Far Out Space Nuts. I’m sorry. I’ll probably be discussing Sid and Marty more in later posts.

alien doodle2

This guy is actually a concept for a space politician that was to appear in my web comic, Collapsar Comics. Not sure if he still will or not, but I think he looks kind of neat.

alien doodle3

Here are the last doodles for today. Gee, the thing on the bottom looks kind of…phallic. Oh…god…this is awkward…um…



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