Merry X-mas

x-mas card


Have a X-mas card from me, hastily slopped together this morning by Yours Truly, who should have been doing other things. HOHOHO.


Doodle Time #3- Dinosaurs and silliness

I love dinosaurs. It’s more than just a passing interest or a hobby. I FREAKING LOVE DINOSAURS. It’s an emotional, almost “spiritual” experience for me to look at dinosaur artwork. Even more so to see the bones on display, which I have only done three times in my life so far. Anyway,I will be discussing dinosaurs more in the future. I just wanted introduce the doodles I will be sharing today.

rex doodle

I drew this at work last night. I wanted to draw a retro looking tyrannosaurus, like what you might see depicted in a childrens’ book on dinosaurs from decades past. And, like a classic dinosaur illustration, this T-Rex is demonstrating one of three typical poses dinosaurs would be depicted in: 1) Standing  with mouth open (presumably roaring) or closed, 2) Eating something, or 3)Fighting. In the past couple decades, this has expanded to include depicting dinosaurs as resting, playing, mating, and generally acting more like animals than like Hollywood monsters. There are websites that discuss this topic much more eloquently  than I am capable of, my favorite being Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs- See specifically, the Vintage Dinosaur Art posts. Great stuff.

rex doodle 2

And then this happened. He reminds me of Uncle Creepy ( ) , if Uncle Creepy was a dinosaur.


So here is a sloppy little drawing of Slender Man being pulled into a ghost trap because Ghostbusters vs Slender Man is an awesome idea, and would make a great comic book story. And, in case I haven’t yet made it clear that I am a gigantic nerdy man-child, I drew this during a session of Dungeons and Dragons. I am not sorry.

It’s beginning to look a lot like fishmen…

I really like H.P. Lovecraft. Who doesn’t  these days, right? Which is good because Lovecraft certainly deserves respect and attention. I started reading Lovecraft in the 8th grade when I was introduced to his work by my step father. I think what appeals to me most about his stories is the overlying theme of human-kinds’ tiny, insignificant place in a savage and uncaring universe. Other “pulp” authors of the same era like Robert Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote stories with these manly, self-important, chest thumping characters who continually asserted humanities’ “rightful” place as LORD AND MASTER OF CREATION.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like both of these author’s, especially Burroughs, but I have never been a fan of  the idea that mankind has some divinely ordained dominion over the planet. This sentiment is much more subdued in Lovecraft’s stories, and in its place is an overwhelming sense that our species is little more than an idle, passing interest to the great chaotic forces at work in the universe. His protagonists often find themselves driven mad by these forces. Or turned into fishmen. Speaking of fishmen…


This is the first of several sketches I have been doing over the past few weeks depicting the occupants of Lovecraft’s fictional town of Innsmouth. I drew this having not read the story ” The Shadow Over Innsmouth” for several years, and so, in my mind, it doesn’t feature enough of the described characteristics of the “Innsmouth look”. Also, for some reason I felt this fishy gentleman needed to be wearing a GIGANTIC FREAKING HAT. I’m not exactly sure what I was going for with that, but there it is.


After taking a look at the story again, I went about making a sketch that incorporated more of the physical descriptions of the Innsmouth residents such as the bulging eyes and the skin turning to scales. I guess the hump on his back is meant to represent his flesh becoming more monstrous and distorted. I also tried to incorporate some 1920’s looking clothing, though admittedly without looking up many references.


This sketch was closer to what I have in mind, but he doesn’t quite look fishy enough.



These sketches are much closer to what I have in mind. I still think I need to make the faces more fish-like. After I drew these sketches, I decided to take some photographs of a friend in costume to help me with future drawings.




With these sketches, I was trying to work out in my mind what the Deep Ones themselves look like. I think the first one is the best. At any rate, that’s all for now. See you next time.

Doodle Time #2: Forteana and Related Weirdness

bigfoot orb

I like weirdness. I like to read about bigfoot sightings and alien abductions. Fortean is a word used to describe any paranormal occurrence, be it bigfoot sighting, psychic phenomena, or blood falling from the sky (Yeah that’s a thing. That is to say, people have claimed to witness blood raining from the sky. Whether or not it actually occurs is, of course, a different matter). The word is taken from the name Charles Fort, who was the first person to research and write extensively on the subject of the paranormal. He wrote of these subjects with wit and cynicism, and that is the attitude I generally like to take when considering the paranormal. I question whether or not encounters with the paranormal can be taken directly at face value. Much has been written about the flaws of eyewitness testimony. It is very easy for our memories of a witnessed event, especially a fleeting one (as is the case in most bigfoot and other monster sightings) to be flawed or influenced by factors such as our own expectations, biases, ect. It’s easy for us to “remember” details that did not actually occur, especially if a story is repeated frequently. To me it seems very important to keep these things in mind when considering paranormal subjects. That having been said, tales of the paranormal make for very interesting reading. Take, for instance, the subject of this doodle. I wanted to depict one of my favorite of the “classic” bigfoot encounters, recounted frequently in  literature on the subject of monsters. In August of 1973, two teen age girls from Beaver County, Pennsylvania claimed to have witnessed a bigfoot-like creature in the woods near their home. They described the creature as being ape-like,with white colored fur and red eyes. They claimed the creature carried a glowing orb in its’ hand, and stared at it intently as it shambled along through the woods. They ran home, frightened, and described the encounter to their parents. Their father decided to go investigate, and did not come back for several hours. Upon returning, the man seemed to be in a state of  confusion, being unable to recall what happened after he went into the woods to investigate. He seemed shocked to learn that he had been absent for several hours. if you are interested in reading further on this case, or indeed other “monster” encounters, I recommend the following books and/or websites:

The Bigfoot Casebook by Janet and Colin Bord,

Alien Animals by Janet and Colin Bord

I also recommend the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society website. During the 1970s there where a whole slew of weird, bigfoot related sightings and reports, and this webpage has a lot of them listed with dates and locations

Here is another  bigfoot sketch because bigfoot is awesome. I find the idea of a tribe of giant, hairy, ape-like monsters stomping around the forests and mountains of the world so appealing, that it hardly matters to me if bigfoot is real or not. The myth is an endearing one, and I hope it never goes away.

 bigfoot night