Doodle Time: Deluge of Randomness

First post of the NEW YEAR . Mmmmboy! So here are several random doodles I drew at work. I don’t actually get paid to draw, but I do it anyway because if a day goes by that I don’t draw I WILL SHRIVEL AND DIE. Feh. What meller-drama.


Here is a cartoony picture of Obed Marsh from The Shadow Over Innsmouth. He looks like Scrooge McDuck.


This is an alien or something. It might be talking. Or yawning. Maybe singing . If he is singing, he’s singing a Rush song. Probably Freewill, that’s a good one.


Here are three members of The Ginyu Force ( Butta, Gurd, and Cpt. Ginyu, respectively). I do indeed like Dragonball Z. A whole bunch, in fact. I’ll probably talk about it again at some point.


This is a Mahar , which is a fictional race of intelligent pterosaurs from the Pellucidar  book series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. When I was a kid I saw the goofy, low budget film starring Doug McClure “At the Earths Core”, which is based on the first book in the Pellucidar series. I loved that movie as a child, and I still do. It’s weird and wacky and full of  awkward, unconvincing rubber monster costumes. It also made me very curious to read the book it was based on, but I never got around to doing so until just a couple of years ago. This doodle is rather bland I guess, but I have yet to get on paper what I have in my mind.  I want to return to this topic in a future post as well.



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