Doodle Time #3- Dinosaurs and silliness

I love dinosaurs. It’s more than just a passing interest or a hobby. I FREAKING LOVE DINOSAURS. It’s an emotional, almost “spiritual” experience for me to look at dinosaur artwork. Even more so to see the bones on display, which I have only done three times in my life so far. Anyway,I will be discussing dinosaurs more in the future. I just wanted introduce the doodles I will be sharing today.

rex doodle

I drew this at work last night. I wanted to draw a retro looking tyrannosaurus, like what you might see depicted in a childrens’ book on dinosaurs from decades past. And, like a classic dinosaur illustration, this T-Rex is demonstrating one of three typical poses dinosaurs would be depicted in: 1) Standing  with mouth open (presumably roaring) or closed, 2) Eating something, or 3)Fighting. In the past couple decades, this has expanded to include depicting dinosaurs as resting, playing, mating, and generally acting more like animals than like Hollywood monsters. There are websites that discuss this topic much more eloquently  than I am capable of, my favorite being Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs- See specifically, the Vintage Dinosaur Art posts. Great stuff.

rex doodle 2

And then this happened. He reminds me of Uncle Creepy ( ) , if Uncle Creepy was a dinosaur.


So here is a sloppy little drawing of Slender Man being pulled into a ghost trap because Ghostbusters vs Slender Man is an awesome idea, and would make a great comic book story. And, in case I haven’t yet made it clear that I am a gigantic nerdy man-child, I drew this during a session of Dungeons and Dragons. I am not sorry.